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Schools on Strike,  Socialists Against Guns, #MeToo and Capitalism

This week’s Resist News was dominated by the massive wildcat strike of West Virginia school teachers The strike has shut down every school in the state of West Virginia, and laid bare years of attacks on public education across the United States under neoliberal capitalism  Thus far the Strike has also resurrected incendiary voices of labor organizing connecting cuts to wages and benefits for teachers to privatization of industry, corporate largesse, and long-term memories of working-class struggle in a state with a proud tradition of coal miner militancy  And West Virginia teachers are not the only Educators out: graduate student employees at University of Illinois Champaign-Urban are in the midst of their own strike over a threat to their tuition waiver  Meanwhile in the U.K. UCU lecturers are out on strike to defend their pensions from attack


The West Virginia strike comes on the heels of---and draws dissident energy from---student walkouts across the U.S. in response to Nikolas Cruz’s mass shootings of 17 students and faculty at a Florida high school.  Nivedita Majumdar’s “Socialist Case for Gun Control” is one of the most thoughtful responses from the Left  Sean Larson here shows how guns put profits before people in the name of killing them

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor connects the student protests to the need for an interracial fight against capitalist violence

Finally Tithi Bhattacharya links #MeToo to capitalist ravages of social reproduction needs and wants and the potentiality of a wider anti-capitalist feminism

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